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At HumanDogBed.au, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect resting spot, and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting a solution that revolutionises how you rest and unwind.

We’re not just about selling beds. We’re about solving the multifaceted challenge of creating a space that speaks to both your aesthetic aspirations and comfort.

In a world where mass-produced products dominate the market, we’re the breath of fresh air that stands apart. Our human-sized dog bed brings a touch of sophistication to your home, elevating your living space while providing memorable bonding moments.

Behind HumanDogBed.au, there’s a dedicated team of individuals who share a common passion for creating a more comfortable and cosy environment for both humans and their furry friends. With a blend of expertise in various fields, including sleep science, design, digital marketing, and customer support, our team is committed to bringing you innovative solutions that make relaxation and bonding a delightful experience.

How it all started?

Like you, we’ve walked the path of sleepless nights and restless naps. It was this shared experience that led us to discover the transformative power of our Human Dog Bed. Countless nights of tossing and turning, seeking that elusive state of relaxation, prompted us to seek a solution that could redefine our sleep experiences.

During this quest, we stumbled upon the idea of creating a bed that could offer comfort and a sense of togetherness and relaxation for humans and their beloved pets.

While we weren’t the first to envision the concept of a human dog bed, we recognised a gap in the market that needed to be addressed, particularly within the Australian landscape.

International suppliers offered tempting solutions, but the astronomical shipping costs posed barriers that dampened the excitement.

Complex assembly processes left many scratching their heads, struggling to put together what should have been a simple retreat for relaxation.

The promise of a washable cover lost its appeal when faced with having to disassemble the entire bed each time.

Driven by these insights, we embarked on a mission to bridge these gaps and offer a solution that resonates with you – our valued customers.

In doing so, we’ve reimagined the concept of a human dog bed, ensuring that the journey from selection to assembly is effortless. Our commitment to simplicity shines through in every aspect, from unpacking to settling in. And, as for the cover, we’ve designed it with ease in mind so you can enjoy the luxury of easy cleaning without the hassle.

With us, you’re not just purchasing a bed but investing in a commitment to quality, convenience, and the ultimate bonding experience.

Why Us?

Embracing E-Commerce

Operating as a fully online Australian business allows us to provide you with more affordable options. By cutting out the expenses tied to physical stores, we pass on these savings to you through competitive prices and convenience.

Our Expert Team

The brains behind HumanDogBed.au form a collective of diverse expertise. From sleep experts who understand the dynamics of restful slumber to interior design aficionados, our team unites individuals with an unwavering passion for enhancing comfort and strengthening the bond between you and your loved ones.

Responsive Customer Support

We understand that questions may arise and are committed to promptly assisting you. Our friendly customer support team is just a click away, guaranteeing a 12-hour email response time. Your inquiries and concerns are our priority.


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